Cash Flow Solutions

Sales may be the backbone of a business, but cash flow is its life blood.

If cash isn’t flowing regularly into your company, problems occur. Cash is needed to pay salaries, buy materials, and to keep the lights on and the doors open! If cash isn’t flowing into your business as freely as you would like, then one of our cash flow solutions may be the answer.

No matter how profitable your business is, if you don’t have the cash coming in to support the amount needed to flow out, growth can be slow. You may even be forced to slow growth down right at the time you really don’t want to because opportunities are there to be taken.

Speeding up the flow of cash coming in to the business by being paid what you are owed quickly, and increasing the spread between what comes in and what has to go out to build a cash cushion, is essential to the long term sustained growth of any company whatever its size or age.

If you have cash flow issues, then there are a number of options available to you to improve the situation.

Below we detail two, however once we understand your businesses position, we will be able to discuss your requirements further to find the perfect solution for you.

Cash Flow Solution #1 – Invoice Finance

Invoice finance allows you to receive the monies owed to you and quickly release that cash into your business as ready working capital. It is an ideal solution for businesses which have customers on long payment terms, or who often pay late. Scenarios like these can create a cash flow gap and may mean that you struggle to pay staff and suppliers whilst waiting to receive the monies owed to you. Invoice finance can also help businesses who want to take on new projects without taking on extra debt.

Don’t let waiting to be paid by your customers hold your business back any longer. Invoice finance can provide you with the flexibility you need now to embrace those new opportunities and see your business soar.

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Cash Flow Solution #2 – Refinance

Refinancing your existing business assets can provide a welcome injection of working capital into your business at the time you need it most. Due to new, stringent lending criteria by the major funders and banks, access to business funding can often be limited.

Refinancing an existing asset is a great solution to this and can provide that much needed working capital for expansion, to purchase additional stock, or to implement new projects.

Examples of assets which may be accepted for refinancing include equipment, plant and machinery or vehicles which are owned outright and do not have any existing or outstanding finance on them.

Why use Spire Finance Solutions?

We are a team with a vast wealth of experience in helping businesses find the right solutions to their financial challenges. Working with you to find the right solution for your unique business, we never use the ‘one product fits all’ approach.

Over the years we have sourced the best funders in the marketplace and have ongoing relationships with them so that we can ensure our clients receive the best deals possible. We want to find the right solution to move your business forward, to allow you to achieve your goals.

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